Client: For the Edge
Industry: Author/writing platform
A 10-part writing series to coincide with the release of a debut novel. It allowed the author to produce valuable content to a newly growing audience.

Part VII - Quitting, maybe it's time

Why? Because at some point you ask yourself - is this worth it?

Invariably we’re talking about money.

So here’s my two cents.

Why the fuck are you making decisions based on that?

I think about my favourite directors. Actors. Songwriters. Writers. Even entrepreneurs.

And when I read/listen/watch them, never, NEVER, do hear them talk about about money, how much they earned, reassuring everyone or warning everyone about there being enough/not enough in the industry.

No. They talk about their love of what they do. What lengths they go to to get better.

Their struggles.

Their passion.
I’ve never seen an interview by Al Pacino titled, ‘How I made £7000 a month acting’.
I’ve never seen an article by Andy Weir titled, ‘There’s just no money in it.’
Or Michael Mann, ‘Here’s how I went from zero to a million in six months.’
You get the point.

Firstly, would we still love our creative hero’s if that was the content they were rolling out?

We look to them because we want to know about how they create such vivid worlds.

It’s why we admire them.

We listen because they’ve taken a passion and dedicated their lives to it.

They get to do it everyday.

I don’t know them personally (obviously), but I don’t think they got as good as they are, or became as dedicated as they are by chasing the money.

It’s the wrong focus.

The reason you don’t quit is because you’ve got no other choice but to write or create. Those stories are going nowhere. Those characters wont escape from your head until you’ve written about them.

If you’re put off by whether you should bother creating because it might not pay off financially.

You’re asking the wrong question.

AND you’re in the wrong line of work.
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