Client: Wordsworth Handcrafted Soap

Industry: Environmentally friendly skincare
The Studio developed the identity of the skincare range by naming the products based on the characteristics of the ingredients - evoking an informal and personable brand style.

We presented the client as a problem solver - where an absence of affordable and chemical-free skincare products could be solved by a product range that was ethically sourced using natural ingredients.
Plastic not-so-fantatic.
We keep it simple.* 

All we’ve done is create soap that’s...

Handcrafted. Natural.
Vegan friendly. Eco friendly.
Palm oil free. Affordable - with no chemicals or plastic packaging -And luxurious.

*We didn’t say it was easy

It’s clean soap. Naturally.

Clean doesn't mean compromise.
Little Blush

Enough to give you a complexion.

And a great one at that.
The Pretty One

Skin deep beauty.

We wanted you to feel pampered, hydrated and regenerated.
Citrus Rose

The ice cubes are fizzing in your drink.

The birds are tweeting and the warmth of the sun hits your face.

The floral undertones of our essential oils will make you feel you’re in that summer paradise.

Even on a rainy day...

In England.
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