Curious Swan
Lighting product supplier
Content/brand identity

We completed website content for a new lighting product supply business - with, owing to founder Kristina Barnes, strong ties to a lighting design business.

We were asked to create content that gave the business a 'local' feel, as if the online business were a 'shop around the corner'.

We focussed on the 'story' of the business - the name, it's ties to the North East and it's niche of supplying unique and unusual lighting products.
Other highlights
A little bit about us…

Our collection has been made possible through the passion and experience of Kristina Barnes - founder of KLS Light - a Creative and Lighting Design Consultancy based in Gateshead, England.

We understand good lighting breathes new life into a home and adds personality to a business, so we’ve built our collection on products inspired by innovation, helping to make your design choices original and unique. 
Why the name…?

Inspired by local lad Joseph Swan – the true inventor of the light bulb - we wanted to bring to life the technology pushing curiosities found throughout the lighting industry today, just as Swan did way  back in the 1800’s. 

We were amazed to discover Joseph Swan’s house –the first house ever lit by a light bulb - was just over a mile away from
us, so with that connection in mind along with our curiosity
for the unusual, Curious Swan was born.
Hello. My name is
Kristina Barnes, founder
of KLS Lighting.

I have worked as an independent designer with lighting practices in London, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

My architectural lighting portfolio includes, but is not exclusive
to, design for hotels and restaurants as well as historic buildings and art galleries.

Through Curious Swan and KLS Lighting my aim is to bring
you a seamless experience from design through to
products; offering 16 years expertise in lighting design
with a passion for unique and unusual lighting
Our collection…

We’re driven by a passion for sustainability, which means we ensure all products available in our collection have been ethically sourced, with all impacts to the environment considered. 

Through Curious Swan, we want you to discover unique products from established and unknown designers from across the UK and Northern Europe. We’re always on the look out for next
new thing, as long as it fits our approach.

And our approach to lighting is simple…
"I remember thinking, ‘that’s exactly what I meant’.

I would definitely recommend Clockwatcher Studios to anyone who wants to get a clear message across about their business."
Kristina Barnes- Director, Curious Swan
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