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Kristina wanted to us to produce copy that connected her two businesses - lighting design and lighting product supply.

Being her more established business, KLS required content that conveyed Kristina's experience and expertise, relaying a sense that all her services and indeed businesses, revolved around this as a main operation.

To establish a more unique position for the business (in comparison to others in the same industry), we wrote content that focussed on the transformative effects light has on a building, room or space and how it would make a patron feel.
Other highlights

Since 2007, we have enhanced homes, halls and hotels with stunning lighting design.

Adding drama, to a space. 
Lighting design for

Whether it’s adding warmth to a room or charm to a kitchen, it takes experience and creativity to light up a home.

If you’re looking for a basic lighting layout or something more elaborate, we can design a scheme to fit your budget.
We provide design packages available on a room by room
basis, where our designers will create the perfect tone for
your home.

From design through
to products, we’re
passionate about bringing
you innovative lighting.

Our lighting collection is built on products inspired by creativity, helping to make your design choices original and unique. 

Through our collection, we aim to introduce established and unknown designers from across the UK and Northern Europe. 

Each product has been carefully selected and sampled from various exhibitions and factories from across the country, ensuring the highest standards of ethically sourced
lighting products.

Professionals and
commercial projects.

Good lighting design creates a memorable space. And good design comes from great ideas.

We offer a free consultation service to help bring your design aspirations to life.

We’re also on hand to provide more developed design schemes and offer flexible deals on rates and fees. 
Our industry experience gives you access to an extensive
network of nominated suppliers, ensuring you find the
right product whatever your budget.

"The studio did a fantastic job on both my websites KLS Light and Curious Swan."
Kristina Barnes- Director, KLS Lighting Design
To see the full project, you can request the pdfs at - contact@clockwatcherstudios.com
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