One Cure for Man
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James wanted to redefine how his music and art projects were presented to new and existing audiences.

He wanted to recognise past achievements but focus on a clear direction, focussing on a specific target audience of 30/40 somethings uninterested in mainstream music, looking for something more meaningful and representative of their lives.

We focussed on evoking a sense of passion and feeling, highlighting the personal impact music has on people and what it means to be part of a movement.
Other highlights
Originally imagined
as a band... 

...One Cure for Man became a solo platform for James
Parkinson in 2012. 

A year later, James released his debut album - Serenade the Damned. 

Self-recorded and produced in Leicestershire, the album showcased a wide variety of song writing as well providing a medium for James Parkinson’s talent for evocative and vivid artwork. 

With the success of the album, James was able to reach
a wider audience, with the song ‘War Of Dreams’
becoming BBC Radio presenter, Sean McGinty’s
favourite song of 2014. 

In October 2015, James released his second album - Gods and Toys.

The album was a critical success and garnered even more BBC airplay.

With tracks such as the deeply atmospheric ‘The Lost’ and the politically prophetic ‘Europe Is Close’, the album was described
as being one for “the romantics, the thinkers, the reflectors…’
as well as ‘an effervescent, radio-friendly package, difficult
not to enjoy.’
My name is James

Musician, song writer and artist behind One Cure for Man.
Originally from the town of Barnoldswick in Pennine Lancashire,
I grew up in a household where music was not only ever present, but also important. 

Surrounded by my father’s guitars, eclectic vinyl collection and lo-tech recording equipment, music has always played a big part
in my life - although it wasn’t until I was 17 that I picked up the guitar and began to dream of rock stardom. 

One Cure for Man is my artistic platform. I use music,
poetry and art to tell stories and reflect my view of
the world.
Fast forward to 2017

One Cure for Man’s new album - Colours in the Fire. A
fascinating and absorbing work, the album tackles all manner
of subject manner, from dementia, alienation, and historical amnesia to the literature of ‘Lord Of The Flies’ and ‘Animal Farm.’

With a more focused and sharper sound, James has combined his trademark emotive guitars and melodic melancholia with more accessible song structures and hooks.

The result is James’ most accomplished album to date and
a real achievement for a musician and songwriter who is
going from strength to strength.
"The studio had a great understanding of what I wanted for my website and music, offering helpful advice and creative ideas to make my art stand out. They are a pleasure to work with"
James Parkinson- Founder, One Cure for Man
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