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Website content/new website structure

Julie asked us to restructure her existing website, wanting the site to have an improved and engaging flow.

The content needed to reflect the personal story of the client, evoking the emotional journey Julie had experienced.

The subject matter was technical in nature and covered multiple scenario, so we ensured the content was concise and clear.
Other highlights
You not the symptom

Nutritional therapy promotes health and wellbeing in
individuals. It’s a branch of Functional Medicine where a
therapist works with you to identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand the effects on your health. 

Using dietary and lifestyle recommendations to optimise your health, we are trained to recommend appropriate food supplements and even private laboratory testing. 

We’ll look at the body, the mind, your work and home environment - everything that makes up you.
A fresh start. Another go. A new beginning.

By working together we can create a plan to support your

Helping you take control.
Building momentum

It’s the best way to make practical and realistic changes.

My range of programmes are here to support you.

Throughout your journey.
We all have a story
I’ve been fascinated with nutrition for as long as I can
remember - how it influences our mood, our energy, our

But it was my personal experience that led me to become the Nutritional Therapist I am. 

It took nearly seven years before our beautiful son arrived and during that time, I learned that giving myself the best possible chance meant building the best possible foundation - part of
that was making the right nutritional and lifestyle choices.

That experience drives me to help others. 
"You can trust the studio to get under the skin of what you're trying to achieve."
Julie Hancox- Director, One Life Nutrition
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