Wordsworth Handcrafted Soap
Website content and product development

We created written content for a new e-commerce website. 

Each webpage had a clear and defined call to action, using the key principles of the business and story of the client to lead potential customers to the ‘Our Soap’ (products) page.

We developed the identity of the skincare range by naming the products based on the characteristics of the ingredients - evoking an informal and personable brand style.

We presented the client as a problem solver - where an absence of affordable and chemical-free skincare products could be solved by a product range that was ethically sourced using natural ingredients.

It was important to the client that the business had a ‘local boutique’ feel. So we wrote about their story, making it relatable to potential customers with similar struggles and/or ethical values.   
Other highlights
Plastic not-so-fantastic

Our oceans are littered with single use plastics - bottles, cups,
lids, bags - discarded items that can take generations to biodegrade. 

It’s harming our environment, so we feel a responsibility to be smarter with our products.

We use packaging that’s 100% plastic free - utilising cardboard and twine to bring our handcrafted soap to you.  
And it’s all recyclable, so you can dispose of it cleanly.
We’re proud we’re playing our part.

And by supporting our business, you are too. 

Clean doesn't mean compromise

The Wordsworth family know about that.

Affected with a variety of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, they had to spend time and money on countless products - carefully ‘label-surfing’ to avoid aggravating ingredients. 

So, in a unique combination of problem-solving and social responsibility, they created their handcrafted soap. 

A simple line of products they could all use.

Natural ingredients, no chemicals, eco friendly
Clean soap. Naturally.
The Pretty One
Skin deep beauty.  We used rosehip when making this one.

We wanted you to feel pampered, hydrated and regenerated. 

And rosehip contains natural oils and fatty acids (urgh we know, but bear with us).

This allows us to easily absorb the naturally occurring
antioxidants - helping to give us soft, supple skin.

It’s kind of like nature’s moisturizer. 

With a whole load of vitamin A thrown into the mix.

And it’ll look great in your bathroom too. 
Little Blush

Enough to give you a complexion.

And a great one at that.

By adding the humble tomato, we’ve created a powerhouse of health for your skin.

Firstly, tomatoes are absolutely stuffed with Vitamin C - which help your skin glow.

On top of all that, their unique acidic properties make a great exfoliate to treat and unclog pores.

Which can really help with acne or oily skin.

You might say it’s a vine ingredient…(tumbleweeds).
"Katie and Peter are brilliant. They take their time to really understand you and your business needs. I'm so pleased we were able to work together to create the content for our website."
Gillian Wordsworth-Goodram - Founder, Wordsworth Handcrafted Soap
To see the full project, you can request the pdfs at - contact@clockwatcherstudios.com
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