Wordsworth Handcrafted Soap
Promotional video, product content, interview

We were fortunate enough to continue our collaboration with Wordsworth Handcrafted Soap, creating promotional marketing material and writing content for new product lines.

The video we scripted and created, focussed on the simple theme of 'One small change' - which is a philosophy the company holds and wants to promote - small efforts can make big changes to the environment and sustainability.

We developed the copy for the new ranges by using humour and relatable scenarios, whilst ensuring the tone and style were consistent with our previous collaboration.

Additionally, we developed a written strategy to promote the brand and created an interview that focussed on the story, background and mission of Wordsworth Handcrafted Soap.
Other highlights
Conditioner Bar

This one inhibits moisture absorption, stopping the dreaded frizz.

Depending on your hair type you’re going to have to experiment with how long you leave it before rinsing it off.

But, once you get that balance right...

Hello smooth, bouncy hair. 

Citrus Rose

The ice cubes are fizzing in your drink.

The birds are tweeting and the warmth of the sun hits your face.

The floral undertones of our essential oils will make you feel
you’re in that summer paradise.

Even on a rainy day...

In England.
Lemon Drop
It might be orange, but really it’s lemon.

That’s because of the turmeric, which is great protection against sun damage and ageing.

Our lemongrass & may chang essential oils give this soap an amazing, sweet lemon scent.

..Lemon, not orange.
Scented range

Eco-friendly, vegan friendly, no waste, no single use plastic....what else, what else?

Ah yes, sweet smelling scents to uplift, invigorate and relax.

Our scented range....
"Once again Katie and Peter have delivered. When asked at short notice for content for new products and marketing material they were so accommodating. I couldn't be happier with what they have produced. I would definitely recommend them."
Gillian Wordsworth-Goodram - Founder, Wordsworth Handcrafted Soap
To see the full project, you can request the pdfs at - contact@clockwatcherstudios.com
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