Website design for every device.
We'll work together to understand your brand identity and audience.

Then based on your objectives, we'll conceptualise the structure of your site with simple wireframes.
Making those wireframes real!

We'll create full and completed designs, tailored for desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile, so you can visualise how your new website will look and work on every device.
Live site
We then transfer your designs into a live environment.

And because we use Webflow,we can build a quick, safe and responsive site.

No coding required!
Dene House Farm

Client: Health and fitness
Aim: Content writing, website design, website build.

The client required a complete overhaul of the existing website - including design, written content and re-build.

It was important to present Dene House Farm as a warm, welcoming, family brand - we used indoor photos of the premises and produced written content that encouraged inclusiveness.

We created pages for each aspect of the business, making it easy as possible for a reader to navigate the site and perform any required action ie. booking/contacting the gym.

As part of building the site (using WebFlow), we set the business up with a hosting programme and redirected the existing domain accordingly.

The site is very responsive and has been designed to use on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
For the Edge

Client: Creative platform
Aim: Content writing, website design, website build.

This is one of our own projects but we had to include it!

We created a separate brand that would act as a creative platform for the short stories, podcasts and books we planned to write.

We needed to design something that reflected the more 'niche' side of our work and something that would appeal, not to a mass audience, but to people looking for something more specific and discerning.

Each page of the site clearly expresses the content available to the reader.

It's easy to navigate and invites an audience to explore everything available.

Collaborative Design

Client: Interior design
Aim: Content writing, website design.

We completed a full content overhaul of an existing website, alongside new layout suggestions and a design concept for the homepage.

The brief highlighted the importance of creating contemporary, minimalist and professional content, in keeping with the style and aesthetic of the brand.

We kept the language and presentation simple, promoting the values of the brand and advantages of Collaborative Design's approach to project delivery.

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