Client: For The Edge
Industry: Fiction writing/author platform
The content reflects the more 'niche' side of the platform. It's a brand that would appeal - not to a mass audience - but to people looking for something more specific and discerning.
No matter what happens. No matter where you are or what's going on, there's no better feeling - than escapism.
"All these moments will be lost in time,  like...tears in rain."

- Blade Runner (1982).

In fifty seconds and forty-two words of cinematic history a dying ‘replicant’ teaches a human the fragility of life.

It’s an idea perfectly articulated into something memorable, succinct and vivid.

There’s no better example that demonstrates the power of a story.

Or how to tell it.
create something for everyone, for the average person, you’ll create something average. But aim for the edges, to the smallest viable audience and you can make something special - something that resonates with someone.

- Seth Godin

(paraphrased and misremembered slightly)
inspired by this philosophy, we created a platform for original creative projects.

written. created. recorded.

For The Edge.
Client: One Cure For Man
Industry: Music
We focussed on evoking a sense of passion and feeling, highlighting the personal impact music has on people and what it means to be part of a movement.
A great tune can move mountains. 

I read that once. 

But it’s something that seems to have been lost along the line. Fame without talent, success without originality. 

It’s everywhere now. 

But there are artists out there who still believe songs, like all art, should mean something.

Music might not be able to change the world, but it can change people’s perception of it.

James Parkinson is one of those artists. 

Formed as a band in 2009 - before being fully realised as a solo project in 2012 - James founded One Cure For Man.

Fuelled by emotive vocals and steadfast rhythms, One Cure for Man holds a mirror up to the world and reflects the unflinching reality of our time.

Giving us music that affects us, stories to relate to, and lyrics that provoke us.

Music that moves mountains.

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