Client: Wordsworth Handcrafted Soap
Industry: Eco-friendly skincare
Plastic not-so-fantastic.

Our oceans are littered with single use plastics - bottles, cups, lids, bags - discarded items that can take generations to biodegrade. 

It’s harming our environment, so we feel a responsibility to be smarter with our products.
We use packaging that’s 100% plastic free - utilising cardboard and twine to bring our handcrafted soap to you.  

And it’s all recyclable, so you can dispose of it cleanly.

We’re proud we’re playing our part.

And by supporting our business, you are too. 
Keeping it clean.

We exercise to protect our heart and lungs. 

Watch our diet to maintain a healthy liver and digestive system. 

Are we always so cautious about our skin?

It’s your largest organ and we want to help protect it. 

So we don’t include anything that could damage it.

We use cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil to make our soap - staying away from chemicals often found in other skincare products.

No nasties. No aggravation. 

Just nice and clean. 

No harm done.

To animals. To your skin. To the environment.

That’s the amazing advantage of creating vegan friendly soap.
We can reduce the contributing impact animal farming has on global warming. 

We can ensure animals aren’t killed or harmed in the production of our products.

And we can bring you soap with less ingredients but more goodness - so your skin only absorbs the things it needs to be healthy.

We understand ‘being vegan’ isn’t just about food or clothing choices, it’s a lifestyle.

So whether you’ve already adopted veganism or want to make a change to a more socially conscious product, you can rest easy.

Our soap is guilt free.

Shampoo Bar

Getting more out of less - that’s the point of our shampoo bars.
Depending on use, one bar can last as long as three average sized shampoo bottles.

That’s a big difference in terms of your plastic footprint.

And it’s not just the eco credentials we’re proud of.

The added bergamot essential oil gives our bars a gorgeous citrus freshness which, combined with berry fragrance oil, creates a subtle fruity scent.

Leaving you with beautiful, shiny hair...

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