Client: Dene House Farm
Industry: Gym and Retreat
The way we think impacts how we feel.

Focussing on the present moment and being aware of how we think is an effective way in building stronger mental health.

We can do this through mindfulness.
Mindfulness helps us challenge the way we process our thoughts.

It allows us to control how we deal with certain experiences.

And can be effective in helping us deal with stress, anxiety and depression.
Client: One Life Nutrition
Industry: Nutritional Therapist

Something we all need, for our bodies, our minds, our health. 

We can all feel stressed or lacklustre but by taking control of our lifestyle and nutrition we can help ourselves get back on track. 

Whether you’re looking to kick-start your energy levels, manage stress or want to best prepare yourbody for pregnancy, IVF treatment or post-birth - we can work together to create a realistic and achievable plan. 

Just for you.
We all have a story.

I’ve been fascinated with nutrition for as long as I can remember - how it influences our mood, our energy, our sleep. 

But it was my personal experience that led me to become the Nutritional Therapist I am. 

It took nearly seven years before our beautiful son arrived and during that time, I learned that giving myself the best possible chance meant building the best possible foundation - part of that was making the right nutritional and lifestyle choices.

That experience drives me to help others. 

We’re all looking for improvement - whether it’s work-life balance, reducing stress or feeling more energised and less tired. I believe finding the right nutritional balance helps build that foundation needed to achieve our goals. 

I’ve been where you are and I know the importance of having someone guiding and supporting you. Someone to help keep you focussed. 

To help you to take control.
Nutritional Therapy - You, not the symptom.

Nutritional therapy promotes health and wellbeing in individuals. It’s a branch of Functional Medicine where a therapist works with you to identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand the effects on your health. 

Based on the knowledge and practice of nutritional science, Nutritional Therapy places an emphasis on the care of the individual (rather than a focus on disease).

Using dietary and lifestyle recommendations to optimise your health, we are trained to recommend appropriate food supplements and even private laboratory testing. 

The plans we design together will be specific to you and your health goals, helping you to manage your symptoms through diet and lifestyle*.

We’ll look at the body, the mind, your work and home environment - everything that makes up you.
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